Are you looking to build your brand, but unsure of how to approach it during these crazy times? The pandemic has sent every company back to the drawing board, wondering how they can establish a brand and build customer loyalty.

After all, what approach can you take with your brand strategy when there’s a global crisis going on? What techniques can you use in a brand development strategy that will yield measurable results while the world tries to return to normalcy?

See below for several ways that you can boost your brand development even if the pandemic continues for a while. Stop making excuses and start taking action with these tips!

1. Be Transparent and Empathetic

Many times in life, the words “transparency” and “empathy” don’t run together. Such as the times when a doctor has to tell their patient they need to lose weight.

Clients are smart. They’re well aware of the global pandemic and how it’s affecting the corporate world, as well as the companies within it. You don’t need to sugarcoat what your company is experiencing.

They’re empathizing with the companies out there that are trying to stay afloat during this crazy time. All they ask is that the companies show the same empathy towards them.

The brands that show gratitude and empathy during this time will be the ones to come out on top. Offer discounts on your products, throw in free shipping, give back to your community. Don’t just preach change during these times, take actions towards it!

2. Hone-In the Customer Lifecycle

Whether you knew it or not, every customer that purchases a product or service from you undergoes a customer lifecycle. Their experience during that lifecycle will dictate how they perceive your brand moving forward.

There are four stages of the customer lifecycle: marketing, customer purchasing, relationship nurturing, and loss/loyalty. Each stage plays an important role in developing customer loyalty for your brand.

For example, say you come across an awesome product while scrolling through Instagram one day. After seeing the same ad a few times, you finally decide to visit their site and purchase the product for yourself.

After purchasing the product, you get an email from that company thanking you for your purchase and showing off some of their awesome products that you might like. You then decide to either purchase more of their items or never purchase from them again.

In that example, you experienced all four phases of the customer lifecycle. Each step played a hand in nurturing your customer lifecycle experience in the hopes of you building loyalty to their brand.

Even though the pandemic is going on, customers are still buying. Make sure you’re nurturing their experience to help them build loyalty and trust with your brand!

3. Survey Your Clientele

Are you wondering what draws your loyal customers to your brand? Are you having trouble identifying what your customers are going through right now? If so, why not go straight to the source?

Take the time to survey your loyal clients to learn how they perceive your brand, what they think you could improve on, what your brand’s strengths are, etc. Doing so will give you a client’s eye view of your company as a whole.

For instance, if several customers tell you that your brand seems too positive for what’s currently going on in the world, you can alter your brand strategy to give a more empathetic tone.

4. Double-Down on Social Media Marketing

Perhaps your biggest concern during this time is how you’re going to push your brand through the massive marketplace. How can you get in front of your target audience to start the customer lifecycle?

With all of the tragic news currently in the world, there’s never been a better time for you to double down on your social media marketing. You can be the shining light that people flock to for positivity and encouragement.

There are two strategies that you can use. First, you could simply double down on the social media outlets that you already have. Certain industries might have a majority of their target audience on Facebook or Instagram.

Second, you can take this time to add more social media outlets, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This will help you reach members of your target audience you’d otherwise have zero access to.

Better yet, join forces with a social media marketing service who can help you excel during this time. It can turn your weakness into a strength!

5. Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

This global pandemic has caused people to question everything they once knew. They want someone to give them the answers that they’re searching for.

Your brand can capitalize on this by using your company’s blog to answer their biggest questions. Try to think of different pain points that the pandemic might be causing for your target audience.

Use those pain points as primary topics for your articles. You can help connect the dots between what the problem is and how your product solves that issue for them. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, take a glance at your competitor’s sites.

Gain Momentum in Your Brand Development

Now that you’ve seen several tips on brand development with the current pandemic, it’s easy to see how you can take this time to build your brand!

For more ideas on how to gear your brand strategy, be sure to read this article for 10 brand development strategies that you can use.


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