Social Media Marketing Manager.

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The social media marketing manager is the agency’s primary advisor on all social media channels, including social networks, content sharing sites, blogs, micro-blogs, and wikis. This person must demonstrate extensive social media experience.

The social media marketing manager actively participates in a wide variety of social media activities such as blogging, community development, and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc., and is well-connected with the broader social media landscape. This candidate must be able to think strategically, but be willing and able to roll up his/her sleeves to help implement social media programs for agency clients.

It’s also important or this person to be a storyteller, a tribe-builder, someone who knows how to connect with people in a real and genuine way and help them to be part of something big… and who also can change hats to be the agency’s social media data, numbers, and analytics expert.

This person recommends social media channels appropriate for client marketing and guides clients in adopting social media strategies. The social media manager coaches clients, and agency staff, in how to participate in the social media conversation to help grow customer-brand relationships

The social media marketing manager advises on, manages and monitors the agency’s social media initiatives and participation, and works to grow agency staff participation in and understanding of social media as agency self-promotion and engagement tool.

The social media marketing manager should have experience, or be willing to acquire such experience, in as many of the following areas as possible: social media tools and techniques; traditional, new media, guerilla and “word of mouth” marketing; strategic planning; product marketing; press and analyst relations; business development; technology; operations; sales; financial and quantitative analysis, and project management.

Additionally, this person is comfortable working in a remote environment such as a home without traditional supervision. This individual should be a great manager of time and very thorough in his or her work.

Work from remote with local office access when and if needed.

Director of inbound marketing or VP of Operations.

Must have prior advertising agency experience and a strong understanding of using various tools typically used in such work. This may include Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Buffer, Hootsuite,, and others.

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