Not All Surveys Are Created Equal

Call it post-recession anxiety or the result of a highly contentious landscape, but there isn’t a major brand that doesn’t undergo major testing, research, and analysis of its brands and products. It’s quite understandable when you not only consider the heavy competition but how fast brands and products are able to move in today’s highly connected world. […]

Search Marketing Acronyms Misunderstood

With the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, everyone is doing their best to keep up with all the jargon and terminology being thrown at them. New terms are introduced almost as fast as old ones are removed.

How to Market Your Biz Seasonally on Social Media

Republished from Orlando Business Journal on April 11, 2014 by Rachel Williams with some revisions. Here are 5 tips from Wágner dos Santos, senior director of marketing and strategic planning at Orlando-based BIGEYE, on promoting your firm via seasonal social media marketing:

3 Ways To Boost Your Twitter Engagement

“Help me increase my Twitter engagement” is a cry for help that can excite many amateur social media consultants. In the wrong hands, this intention can lead to sketchy and expensive solutions, including creating bogus accounts and paying a ton of money to artificially and inconsistently boost your presence.

Advice for Today’s CMO: Focus on the Big 3

If there’s anywhere in the enterprise that shows up that traditional marketing is a thing of the past, it’s in the role of the CMO. It used to be that marketing focused on generating leads with traditional tactics such as advertising and direct mail. Today, savvy marketers know that a lead—even a qualified one—may not […]

Trends and Predictions for Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Although digital marketing tools and technology like automation, AI, video, voice search, and the rise of the chatbots will continue to make an impact on marketing campaigns across industries, 2019 will also see a push for more personalization and customer centered approaches, with a focus on quality content over more ads.

Why you should use Pinterest for pre-holiday marketing

Most of us have probably spent at least some time browsing recipes, interior design tips or travel information on Pinterest. Visitors to the site love it because it’s visual, engaging and creates opportunities for personalization. But who knew that it is such a great marketing vehicle—especially for the holidays?

Form vs. Function: Does Your Work Environment Reflect Your Brand?

Marketing managers are by no stretch of the imagination interior decorators, but it bears mention that first impressions count with your customers and prospective customers. Do your decorating scheme and floor plan reflect your brand? How can you reinforce your brand through the choices you make? From the executive offices to conference rooms to your […]

How to Avoid Online Reputation Scams

The Internet is rampant with new scam trends. For the online-savvy business, this opens cans on all manner of troubles. Troubles which can be avoided with good Online Reputation Management strategies.

The Top Tips for Marketing Your Travel Resort

According to a recent survey, many Americans are making travel plans, but they are doing so in more modest ways. More than half of the survey respondents (55%) mentioned they would take very short vacations (24-72 hours) and only 21 % said they were planning a four to six-day trip.

The Strategic Advantage of Local Banks

George Bailey was not the only banker who cared deeply about his community. Over time, America traded It’s a Wonderful Life for “too big to fail.”

Top 5 Reasons for a Restaurant Rebrand

What brings customers into your restaurant? It could be the sign you have over the door, the attractive décor inside, the menu listed on your website, online reviews and recommendations, or even the delicious aroma wafting from your restaurant and down the street. And all of those things are part of restaurant branding… Well, except […]

Find Your Voice: Optimizing Your Content for Voice Search

Search engines can hear you now. Driven by the rapidly-increasing popularity of digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant, people are increasingly using their voices to conduct web searches through their mobile devices and smart speakers. Alpine.AI estimates there are over one billion voice searches per month. and ComScore predicts 50% of all […]