Conversion requires

The Wagner Conversion MatrixTM


Before discussing our methodology, it's important to understand what conversion marketing is. Imagine running a retail store and while you have many shoppers inside, no one is purchasing anything. You've done a great job in attracting them to your store but you are failing at bringing them to the register. That's where conversion marketing and conversion optimization comes into play.

Conversion marketing is measured by the conversion rate, which is the number of website visitors divided by the actual percentage of customers who have completed a transaction. Typically, conversion rates for electronic storefronts are very low, and conversion marketing can be a useful way to boost this number - and a storefront's revenues. Another reason for conversion marketing is to increase overall website traffic.

We use the following approach which divides the process into two phases. One phase that establishes the data set followed by a well optimized inbound marketing program aimed toward continually increasing conversion rates.