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Consumer packaged goods marketing is evolving.


We're helping CPG brands meet the demands of the new normal.

Upon entering the new normal, many CPG brands were met with consumer demands that outpaced their supply production and speed in distribution. Most were ill-prepared for how the pandemic would change consumer consumption and behavior.

Currently consumers are reducing their visits to big box and brick n' mortar retail stores in favor of online stores and door-to-door delivery services.  The coronavirus has not only been responsible for changes in buying behaviors but also performance shifts among product categories.

What is considered CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)?

CPG, or consumer packaged goods, are items that are used and purchased by consumers on a daily basis.
They require consistent replacement and replenishment.

Some of these products include:







Household products

Household products

Cosmetics and beauty products

Cosmetics and beauty products

Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

The CPG market is highly competitive and saturated.

Standing out and getting prominent shelf positioning require a specific strategic plan.
In order to sell such products, specific methods for consumer packaged goods marketing should be used. Since these products are used regularly by consumers, there is a sea of lookalike products and private label brands that may overwhelm consumers. As a result, the CPG market and its niche industries are competitive. Consumers often stick to tried and tested brands making it harder for newcomers to make an impact.

Standing out is more important than ever. With more digital platforms for consumers to interact with your brands, there are a lot more ways brands can engage with consumers to tell their stories. Successful CPG marketing is not only able to engage with its customers but also differentiate itself from the numerous other ads.

The CPG industry is one of the largest sectors in the United States and globally as well. It is valued at $2 trillion in North America alone. We’re talking about brands like Coca-Cola or Dove that are household names and aren’t going away anytime soon. Brands like these are still constantly innovating to fight for shelf space in grocery stores and even restaurants. CPG marketing requires brands to invest in advertising to increase their brand presence and recognition. The idea is to stay relevant in order to stimulate sales.
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Why is online CPG advertising so important?

Why is online CPG marketing so important?

With so much focus on digital and tremendous developments in technology, consumers now have the power to search for exactly what they want whenever they want it. Traditional advertising is now a thing of the past. Brands need to have 360° marketing plans to effectively reach their customers.

Brands that focus on their customers are ultimately the ones that succeed. A 2017 study by Catalina Data showed that 90/100 of the top CPG brands lost market share due to new marketing strategies by their competitors.

We live in a world where most people spend a lot of time on their phones and computers. More people are now online shopping than ever before because of how accessible it is. This results in an increase in online sales across the board for everything including CPG.

Here are our top CPG industry strategies for 2020.

CPG marketers have to be careful about how they position their products. They have to use data to understand the consumers’ evolving wants and needs. In today’s age, consumers are more health-conscious than before, they value sustainable products, and they expect convenience with every transaction. Having data like this helps marketers create custom offers that peak genuine consumer interest.

At The Wagner Agency, we utilize the following CPG marketing strategies:

Rather than focusing on demographics, we group consumers together by their online behavior

Work closely with data to keep track of changing consumer preferences

Increased focus on rich media that gets users to engage and interact like video advertising and other sponsored content

Targeted programmatic advertising so we can reach the precise consumer group we are focusing on

Exploring omnichannel marketing opportunities to create more seamless experiences for consumers between platforms
Here are our top CPG industry strategies for 2020.
How much should you spend on CPG marketing?

How much should you spend on CPG digital marketing?

Most CPG companies spend a large amount on their marketing since that is how they connect with customers. Nowadays, they spend more on online advertising than other forms of traditional marketing. It is mostly CPG giants, like Proctor & Gamble, that are known for their big spending on large campaigns. As a result, it is no surprise that P&G is known as the largest CPG brand in the world.

Because of the competitive nature of the CPG industry, CPG brands have a higher marketing budget than companies in other industries. On average based on industry norms, CPG companies should expect to set aside around 19% of their total sales on their marketing and advertising efforts.

That said, every company is different. If you are a new company making less than $5 million annually, we recommend spending 7-8% of your revenue on CPG marketing. However, if your company is more established and makes over $5 million annually, we would recommend spending 12-20% of your revenue on marketing.

It's highly recommended that you work with a CPG marketing agency.

An agency that is experienced in CPG marketing drastically shortens the learning curve.
CPG marketing is specialized so and it requires different strategic advertising tactics to succeed. It also requires an agency with specific experience in this category.

The Wagner Agency is an expert CPG marketing agency that helps CPG brands of all sizes realize their growth potential and increase or maintain their category leadership.

Some of the ways we work with CPG brand include:

Establishing your primary audience through various tests and fine-tuning.

Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign success, using A/B testing effectively to adjust ads as needed.

Using and testing out different platforms and markets that have high growth potential.

Targeting the best time to reach your audience by staying on top of trends, current affairs, and evolving needs.
Looking ahead for big opportunities and keeping track of the content type would work best for them.

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Our Focus

With the transition to increased digital advertising, we have developed new ways of creating demand and engaging customers.
However, keep in mind that these do change with time as consumer needs evolve.

Reaching the customer is no longer as linear as it used to be. There are a lot more variables which is what makes CPG marketing services so complex. We invest in real-time analytics and feedback. We use this insight to expand our marketing and product development efforts. Our goal is to better understand what draws a CPG brand’s core consumers to purchase their products.

We have noticed success in CPG campaigns where consumers are tapped into the marketing process earlier. We recommend our clients invest in their customer communities and involve their customers in their product development market research. Some brands even have customers co-create new products by holding competitions. This allows brands to learn more about what customers want.

A great way to engage with customers is through brand experiences where customers can physically interact with brands. Brand experiences like lab stores often become a type of consumer research facility where companies can learn more about consumer behaviors. Consumers, like influencers, also get the benefit of testing out new products and publicizing them with their followers so it’s a win-win situation.

We also focus on creating more comprehensive content experiences for our brands. We recommend our clients innovate with apps and even plan ahead for virtual reality experiences to go alongside their CPG products. We use data to fuel these content experiences that can be tailored to each consumer. Customers are drawn to pertinent content in different formats across various points in their consumer journey.

About us and our story.

We have over 20 years of experience working with CPG brands, manufacturers, and distributors. Our ongoing study of human behavior, trends, and social anthropology mean that we can pinpoint the precise audience interested in what one or more of our CPG brands have to offer.


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We have over 20 years of experience working with CPG brands, manufacturers, and distributors.


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