These are difficult times for small businesses.

We want to help.

Millions of businesses around the United States have been faced with new and unexpected challenges as a result of COVUD-19. Despite the various lending programs available, many small businesses are under-capitalized and not as financially secure as they were before the pandemic.

We understand. We're also a small business. While all of us are trying to be patient and compliant, the limitations to business operations are crippling.

The new normal we've entered as a society, will make a long-lasting impact and businesses must accept that in order to succeed. But change isn't always a bad thing. Some of the greatest inventions in history were born out of uncertain times.

We have several ideas to assist businesses in adapting and realizing success.

The home has become part office, daycare, and school.

Our agency has offered work-from-home options to its staff for the last two years with great success. However, we realize that this is very new territory for some and for other, a near impossibility. Managing staff and conducting business operations is very different under these conditions. Compounded by the fact that parents have to homeschool their children in addition to normal parenting and work.

How can you juggle all of this and keep from dropping any balls? As a business manager and leader, how do you help your working parents balance it all successfully? We can help.

Mother and young daughter working from home

Four valuable solutions. All free.

Select one of the following solutions that you feel would benefit your company the most right now. We're in this together and stronger together. Helping one another is how we will overcome the obstacles we currently face.

We will conduct a review and an audit of your website and social media. Our team will check your website for issues that could be affecting your searchability and conversion potential. Additionally, we will check how your social media is performing in conjunction with your goals and objectives.

You will receive a detailed report from us on what needs to be optimized for better performance and why. We'll also provide our counsel over the phone.

We will review and audit your business and marketing plans. You will receive a professional analysis report from us as well as a phone consultation to discuss areas for improvement and important ommissions.

Our research and insight team will provide you with a valuable report on your industry including competitor insight. Additionally, we will provide you with forecasting and trends intelligence so that you can better direct the path of your business strategy. We will also make ourselves available for a phone call to answer questions and provide valuable counsel.

Video is the most important content medium in 2020 and it's only growing. Live video and podcasting have been trending upwards for the last few years. If you're not producing live video streams or video content of any kind, you are missing a very important strategy in connecting with your audience.

Our content production studio, wgnr., will help you in producing professional live video streams. If you've attempted live video streaming before or are a complete novice, we will get you on the right track to producing great content that will entice shares and interest.

Let's get started.