Out-Of-Home Activation

The story.

After the success of our Google Transit launch in New York City, Google returned for an out-of-home and experiential marketing concept to assist in their global launch of Google Earth 3D. Google sought a way to inform users of the new product and gain some positive publicity around the new online product.

City Takeover

With this new product being a three-dimensional digital view of everything, exactly as it is in the real world, why not tag the real world with our standard Google interface? Our solution was an out-of-home and experiential marketing campaign called Your World in 3D, brought to you by Google. For a day, Google took over six independent markets. A mobile guerrilla campaign centred around a fabricated truck that showed how the real world looked on Google 3D – in real time. A media relations campaign distributed releases notifying the cities that Google 3D had taken over the town for the day.