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Why Does Resort and Hotel Marketing Matter?

If you are an experienced hotelier, you know the current climate is more competitive than ever. With home-sharing, BnB’s, and a change in travel habits, attracting potential clients is becoming a trickier game. Functional hotel marketing means both potential customers and past clients will be impacted by your brand no matter how they choose to research and reflect on their trip. To accomplish this, any hospitality business that wants to set itself apart needs not only cohesive and clever branding but clear marketing strategies. How can a hotel strategize to better reach its target audience? What can you implement to yield the biggest return on your business?

Increasing the humanization of the guest experience.

With so many options from which to choose and competition moving physically closer to one another year after year, it's getting harder to stand out and compete. Above all the other important guest services that hotels and resorts should implement, it often gets forgotten that the personal human attention that properties provide to their guests makes a huge impact. Making sure that there is enough staff available to make each guest feel important, remembered, and cared for. In a recent Deloitte survey of 6,600 hotel guests across 25 brands, 75% of respondents indicated that they return to hotels that provide a great guest experience.

Mistakes can always happen but it is the manner with which you personally manage the event with the affected guests that can reverse what could have resulted in an eruption of negative reviews on TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, Yelp, Booking.com, etc. Of course, it doesn't solely apply to negative situations. Making sure that the entire staff greets guests with smiles, the names of regular guests are remembered, and happily walking guests over when lost even if it's not that particular staff member's job.

There is no doubt that the growing number of millennial guests are expecting more technological conveniences, the one-to-one human interaction will always make their stay even more memorable.
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