How Lab360o works

Lab360° is a proprietary system that takes clients through a collaborative and strategic development exercise and seeks to arrive at an honest assessment of business and brand problems as well as opportunities, then dissect and analyze the brand, review current and upcoming products, and conduct a deep audience and market immersion.

Our approach includes the measurement of emotional, unspoken and spontaneous reactions to marketing communications, media, and entertainment. We help clients unlock consumer truths to optimize existing and pre-launch initiatives in order to help ensure marketing effectiveness and maximize campaign investments.

Following a set of proven steps, Lab360° is a necessary component in fully understanding the essence of the brand, your business, and the obstacles in the way of success. This, includes gaining consensus and “rallying the troops” behind common goals and, establishing a targeted strategy, and setting a platform for the creative process.


Chemistry IconLab360° is a full-day exploratory session organized and moderated by The Wagner Agency, requiring full participation by your management team and stakeholders. Together with key agency team members and department leaders, we will determine goals and objectives, and also define strengths, opportunities, and the competitive landscape. Additionally, an honest assessment of your business problems, collaborative idea generation, a thorough evaluation of the ideas by your advocates, and communication of the solutions that is clear and motivating will be discussed and analyzed by all participants.