Studying the consumer mind

Understanding the human mind is our road map to success.


The complexity of consumers’ relationships with brands, products, services and devices is increasing exponentially. Understanding what motivates people to do the things they do has always been a challenge – traditional market researchers know that people can’t always express how they feel, are often guarded about what they say, and don’t always do what they say they do.

Through our specialized neuromarketing program, we provide our clients with deep insights into the “why” of consumer decision-making. Our multi-sensory testing platform and mixed methods research approach analyzes what people do, see, and feel while interacting with marketing assets. Unfiltered findings provide strategic insight to spark creative and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns pre- and post-launch. The second-by-second uninterrupted responses to all aspects of a marketing campaign are captured, decoded and analyzed.

Our approach includes the measurement of emotional, unspoken and spontaneous reactions to marketing communications, media and entertainment. We help clients unlock consumer truths to optimize existing and pre-launch initiatives in order to help ensure marketing effectiveness and maximize campaign investments.

Our Neuromarketing process

In four steps:

  1. Discovery: Understand business and research needs.
  2. Design: Select the research method and recruit participants.
  3. Decode: Conduct tests, analyze data, and collate findings.
  4. Deliver: Present report and actionable insights.
Woman undergoing neuromarketing testing.