How does one build something new in a sea of sameness?


That's the challenge we were up against when consideration the formation of The Wagner Agency. We were quite aware that there are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States. Did we need one more?

Instead of following the usual blueprint, we set out to create a different kind of advertising agency that invests in consumer insight, trend analysis, Neuromarketing, social anthropology, and the study of human evolution. Additionally, the agency is incredibly focused on making a considerable impact on our clients' bottom lines.

To accomplish this, we tore up the old ad agency playbook and created something from scratch. We started by listening to consumers, whether B2C or B2B, and treating them as our clients. We immerse ourselves in their lives, emotions, and even at the root of human decision-making; the prefrontal cortex (otherwise known as the brain's frontal lobe). With this deep understanding of the audience, we developed a methodology that strives to turn consumer interest into a brand movement. We call it Social Activation Marketing.

There was still one missing component. Our decades of experience taught us that today's client requires more than a creative and strategic agency, focused on the final delivery of a project. With growing competition in practically every industry, clients need an agency that they can trust enough to operate as their business consulting partner.

It's not enough for an agency to provide analytics and results solely from their dashboards and call it a day. Real conversions occur when a lead demonstrates closing potential, and they ultimately grow into a loyal customer to our clients and brand advocates to the public. That’s why we work closely with our clients’ internal stakeholders to review their sales, CRM data, and make well-researched recommendations to improve their business. Those recommendations may include correcting operational bottlenecks, hiring issues, and limitations on products and services. We also provide training for their teams because they must know how to describe the brand with consistency and feel passionate about their role within the company.

We do all this and more while still delivering some of the most innovative and creative work possible that drives results and leaves a lasting impression. Our talented team makes that all possible combined with the great culture we foster.