The better you know your target audience, the better chances of you converting them to a customer.

Buyer Persona Development

We bring your targeted
audience to life.

Buyer personas are invaluable in shaping an effective marketing strategy. They encompass the personal and demographic characteristics shared among all members of each distinct persona. By learning about your company’s customer archetypes, you can determine the best ways to target each persona individually, rather than the general audience as a whole.

Understanding the habits, behaviors, preferences, and interests of your desired consumer, gives you great insight into how to communicate with and persuade them to take action.

Buyer personas represent your most valuable customers based on common attributes. They are developed by collecting data from existing customers, prospective customers, and members of your sales and support teams who regularly engage with them. When gathering data to create your buyer personas, focus on:


Personal information





Pain points


Buyer Persona Development Plans

  • Plan 1
  • Plan 2
  • Plan 3
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
$ 435
one-time charge
$ 550
one-time charge
$ 700
one-time charge
Primary and secondary research secondary research only secondary research only
Audience segmentation up to 2 segments up to 3 segments up to 4 segments
Determine audience challenges, pain points, fears and objections
Identify interests, demographics ethnographics, psychographics, and technographics
Uncover goals, motivations, and triggers
Personalize data into fictional characters who embody the key insight gleaned from the research and segmentation
Personas are presented digitally within a PDF document