We connect our clients to the public through strategic and mutually beneficial communications.

Earned media is a crucial part of one's communications mix.

Joel Staley conducting a one-on-one media training session with a client

Public Relations

The science of shaping public opinion and influencing behavior.
We embrace the philosophy that public relations properly practiced, help organizations communicate truthfully and effectively to their customers, employees, donors, regulators, or others essential for organizational success. Through careful research, we select the best channels to reach those target audiences including traditional news media, digital media – both social and online – public events, and others.

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How we do what we do.

We help client organizations evolve beyond perfunctory key messages and phrases to develop and share stories that resonate and build informed opinions with target audiences. Ultimately, our team guides our clients in the development of relationships they can leverage to influence decision making and support sales efforts.

Our public relations capabilities include the following:

Communications Strategy

Brand Messaging/Corporate Narrative Development

Traditional Media Relations

Social Media Community Management

Internal Communications

Crisis Communications

Executive Writing/Long form Content Generation

Op-Ed Writing/Placement

Spokesperson/Media Training

Trade Show Communications Support

Event Communications Support

Knowing which audiences to target in order to effect the desired change often takes research.

Knowing how to measure a mindset takes expertise and experience.

Knowing how to synthesize it all to help clients win takes our team.
Person being interviewed with mic pointed at him
Joel Staley conducting a media training session

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