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In the new normal, if your business isn't thinking ahead, it may get left behind.

The rules of engagement have changed amidst the new normal.

We are all voracious readers here and the consumption of data and trend analysis reports is expansive. Our investment in ongoing research and insight is nothing new but the ramp up has been a major leap. That’s because we learned from day one that the new normal was here to stay and if we didn’t keep our fingers on the pulse, we would certainly miss valuable information that impacts our clients.

The Smartly Report is far more than a blog. It’s a complement to our podcast, Wagner Live which also provides business and marketing trending news with commentary. Here we openly share what we’ve been learning so that you can adjust your plans accordingly. It’s difficult managing a business that has to pivot and reinvent itself monthly and even weekly. But it’s also an opportunity for businesses to launch exciting new innovations that can change the world.

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Virtual meetings
Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become the new normal in today’s world.

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Not All Surveys Are Created Equal

Call it post-recession anxiety or the result of a highly contentious landscape, but there isn’t a major brand that doesn’t undergo …

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Brand Sincerity Trumps All

Out of all the airlines I have ever flown with, JetBlue ranks as one of my favorites.

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Search Marketing Acronyms Misunderstood

With the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, everyone is doing their best to keep up with all the jargon and terminology …

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How to Market Your Biz Seasonally on Social Media

Republished from Orlando Business Journal on April 11, 2014 by Rachel Williams with some revisions. Here are 5 tips from Wágner …

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3 Ways To Boost Your Twitter Engagement

“Help me increase my Twitter engagement” is a cry for help that can excite many amateur social media consultants. In the …

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A Student Interviews Me on Experiential Marketing

The original blog post was published on December 29, 2012

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Brand Personification: Humanizing the Brand

Since the start of modern advertising in the late 1800’s, the method of persuasion has been at the core of …

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Advice for Today’s CMO: Focus on the Big 3

If there’s anywhere in the enterprise that shows up that traditional marketing is a thing of the past, it’s in …

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Trends and Predictions for Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Although digital marketing tools and technology like automation, AI, video, voice search, and the rise of the chatbots will continue …

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Why you should use Pinterest for pre-holiday marketing

Most of us have probably spent at least some time browsing recipes, interior design tips or travel information on Pinterest. …

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The Key Tenets of Successful Email Marketing

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.” –

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