Brand Sincerity Trumps All

Out of all the airlines I have ever flown with, JetBlue ranks as one of my favorites.

I love their commercials, comfortable seats and commitment to giving everyone ample leg room. Every experience I have had with them has been extremely positive.

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling with JetBlue on my business trip to New York City from Orlando, Florida. What was not so pleasurable was the fact that my flight was delayed a couple of hours as a result of earlier thunderstorms in the northeast. This meant I would be getting to my hotel around midnight when I had a 7am meeting the following day. Not a great scenario for a non-morning person but also not JetBlue’s fault. I always say that I rather the airline delay or postpone my flight than putting me at risk in the air.

Once the plane arrived and we all boarded, I took my seat and noticed a couple of movies I was interested in seeing on the screen in front of me. However, paying for a movie on a short domestic flight seemed foolish and I was not going to do it. Then, just before making our way to the runway, it was announced on the PA that we were all welcome to a free movie on the flight in return for our patience with the delay. Free movie? Great! What really impressed me though, was the fact that JetBlue made that complimentary gesture without ever receiving a passenger complaint. In fact they probably could have gotten away without offering the free movie until they witnessed any passenger dissatisfaction. Yet they chose to be sincere, genuine, courteous and proactive. To offer anything complimentary to only squelch passenger complaints would not have produced the same effect. I felt that JetBlue truly values me as a customer and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that I am happy and have no cause to complain. That’s great customer service delivered through brand sincerity.

Customers are a brand’s greatest marketing asset and investing in their brand advocacy is extremely important. A sincere display of customer service goes a long way in encouraging customers to evangelize your brand. It worked for me!