How to Market Your Biz Seasonally on Social Media

Republished from Orlando Business Journal on April 11, 2014 by Rachel Williams with some revisions.
Here are 5 tips from Wágner dos Santos, senior director of marketing and strategic planning at Orlando-based BIGEYE, on promoting your firm via seasonal social media marketing:

  1. Create a 12-month seasonal social media marketing strategy plan. Consider your audience, tone, voice, message, schedule of content, desired amount of user engagement, goals, objectives and key performance indicators that can measure success.
  2. Identify and leverage seasonal opportunities that relate to your brand and engage with your desired audience. For example, Godiva and Valentine’s Day, or a Mexican restaurant and Cinco de Mayo.
  3. Create fun and relevant season-specific Internet memes, images or videos that could go viral.
  4. Create season-specific contests or promotions requiring user-generated content.
  5. Tie in season-specific charitable giving or a related cause. An example is offering to donate a percentage of sales to a charity. This is especially popular around Christmastime.