The Top Tips for Marketing Your Travel Resort

According to a recent survey, many Americans are making travel plans, but they are doing so in more modest ways. More than half of the survey respondents (55%) mentioned they would take very short vacations (24-72 hours) and only 21 % said they were planning a four to six-day trip.

From this data, it follows that Americans want to travel, but they are being selective about where they travel to. In order for your resort to stay competitive and compel travelers to plan their trip around your resort, you’ll need strong marketing. Here are some tips to help you drive business to your resort.

Know who your target traveler is and how to speak to them.  Does your resort cater to more mature travelers who have more free time and disposable income? Or, are the majority of them millennials who are looking for a resort that has reasonable accommodations with built in experience packages? Knowing who your mainstay customer is and what they are looking for will help you to position your resort as the place to stay for the benefits they are seeking.

If business travelers are your primary market, you’ll want to showcase your proximity to meeting or work venues, and any amenities that will help them stay productive and get work done while they are away from home.

No matter what your guest’s age or income bracket, many travelers do want similar things when it comes to accommodations and resorts:  honesty in pricing, to be treated with respect, and to see that companies have an eye towards things that matter, such as recycling.

For Luxury Travelers, they still want to know that they will receive a quality and consistent experience, having options, and receiving stellar customer service is still key.

It is also key to realize that even if you have a specific type of traveler that you resort caters to – each person is different.  Providing experiences that involve some customization may be the factor that gets your customers to return year after year. They know that their personal experience at your resort matters to you, and that they aren’t just a number.

Maybe your resort offers custom experiences. Perhaps you would like to niche down in your marketing to start bringing in guests who will choose to come back to your resort year after year, but you aren’t sure where to start.

The Wagner Agency specializes in turning skeptical travelers into believers. We believe that customers buy when they believe in your resort and in your brand. Our experienced team is made of industry specialists who are able to help brands connect with their ideal markets.

Since 2016, we’ve been unapologetically connecting our clients with consumers who are passionately receptive to their communications. To obtain the best help in attracting your ideal resort customers contact us today.


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