We create content in every format that your audience consumes. And our response time is accelerated for business in the new normal.

Introducing wgnr.

Introducing wgnr.

Content that you needed ready yesterday, today.
Wgnr. is our creative content production studio, that creates and produces ongoing and real-time content for usage in a variety of digital and non-digital platforms.

Our production studio innovates and implements memorable stories that entertain, educate, and inspire while delivering them at speeds that mirror the fast-changing pace of the Internet and social media. What is being talked about and shared right now is old news within a few minutes. It’s important for brands to be nimble and get ahead of trends or establish their own.

We don't sacrifice quality for speed.

We don't sacrifice speed for quality.
The work we produce is of the highest commercial broadcast and photographic quality for everything from mass media advertising to social media content. This also includes custom in-house music creation and sonic branding/mnemonics.

Our content production studio team are also pioneers in live video streaming and have the resources to push a story from ideation to live broadcast within an hour or even minutes
We don't sacrifice quality for speed.

These are just some examples of our work.

Just Actors (:30 Spot)

Introducing Siena at Bella Collina (:30 Spot)

Golf Membership at Bella Collina (:30 Spot)

Explainer Video

This is Wagner Live Podcast Intro

Wagner Live Episode 106: Special Guest Jennifer Crittenden

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