Simple visiting tips. At least we think they're simple.

So, you’re planning on paying us a visit? That’s great because we like people. Especially you. That’s why we invited you. Or did you invite yourself? It doesn't make a difference, we welcome you just the same.

Let’s start with our address in Orlando, Florida.

37 North Orange Avenue, Suite 222
Orlando, Florida 32801

The Angebilt Building

We’re in the historic Angebilt Building which has been a local landmark ever since its opening on March 14, 1923 as the Angebilt Hotel. For decades it was known as the premier hotel in Orlando and the city's first skyscraper. Northerners filled the hotel, especially during the winter season. On March 1, 1923, Harry Gardiner — billed as "the Human Fly" — scaled the high-rise Angebilt to raise money for an Elk's Club effort to build a home for "the friendless girls of the city."

Designed by architect Murray S. King, the 11-story building was operated by Joseph Fenner Ange since the Angebilt's opening until May 1923 when he announced bankruptcy and left the hotel. But the next year it was sold at public auction and re-opened. Then on February 27, 1983 it suffered a fire on the top 2 floors and was closed for renovations.

Now that we got all the history out of the way, let's discuss the present day and your visit to our office.

There are several options for commuting. You can take the SunRail to the Church Street stop located just three blocks away or if you enjoy some pain and suffering, I-4 is conveniently located near us. The Central Business District has tons of bikes and scooters that you can rent if you want to travel in style. And there is convenient parking in the garage on 62 West Jefferson Street, just across from our building. We have validation stickers so bring your tickets with you.

Once you make it to the front door of our building you will see lots of branding for Novel Coworking. Don't worry. You're at the right place. They own the entire building and are one of the coolest office solutions for companies like ours that don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done before. Other companies that have offices in one of the Novel locations include Starbucks and Netflix.

We have dedicated office space, but our team has the freedom to work from wherever inspiration takes them. Sometimes that’s in the office but most times it’s at home, the beach, the library, a coffee shop, and a bar. We could be working from our office in Porto, Portugal or from New York City and even as far as India and Bangladesh. Well, you get the picture. More on our culture here.

On the right of the front door entrance, find "Wagner Agency", get buzzed in, and ride the elevator up to the 2nd floor.

We will get alerted when you get there and come to greet you. That’s it. Your journey is now complete.

For more information, to report a problem, or if you’re delayed, call or text 407 917 5390.

If I piqued your interest on the history of our building and want to learn more, here you go.